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As we reported on twitter last week, CM_SetReport held an online chat with AJ last Thursday. Fans could send in their questions, and AJ replied to quite a lot! The full transcript can now be found in our library here, and I’ve quoted some of my favorite questions and answears (or ones that gives us some brand new information) below. The full transcript it’s definitly worth a read!

Reading her answears makes it obvious that AJ is very exited about this season’s finale episode – it seems like JJ is going to kick some real ass in it! We can’t wait – anyone else exited!?

FluffyJJ: What is it like for you when your son is on set?
It’s a lot of things. It’s very entertaining. The crew seems to thinks he has more swagger than most fully grown men.

bau-badasses(C): Do you like this change in JJ? Was it something you had been wanting to see and do?
I love the change in JJ. I think she’s matured immensly and I have been a champion for change for quite some time.

Are you really moving to Romania to film WER?? When will you start to film?
AJ(P): I’m heading to Romania in a couple days to start this incredible film WER that I’m really excited about.

corrigan08(C): what is it like taking directions from mathew?
AJ(P): Matthew in director mode is something everyone needs to see once in their lifetime. It’s like he comes ALIVE. there’s this like child quality about him. A child quality about him like Halloween where he’s so excited. And it’s refreshing and inspiring to see that.

catherine(C): How would you describe each of your cast mates in one word?
AJ(P): Kirsten — sparkly! Matthew – unique, Shemar – flossy, Paget — My Hero, Thomas – techy, Joe — old school.

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