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Welcome to Glisterings's icon archive! In here, you will be able to find icons of Aj Cook in photoshoots, at events, from her films, TV series and much more! You are welcome to use our icons at forums, MSN, livejournals and more. If you need a place to host your icons, use ImageShack or Photobucket. If you would like to donate you own, then please send them to admin@aj-cook.org. Credits will be given! :)

Note: Icons donated by visitors are named with their name. For example, if you where to donate icons, they would be named yourname001, yourname002 and so on. The sites/blogs/twitter/journals to the donators are linked below the icons - simply match the name from the icon title with the URL with the same name. Icons by staff members at Glistering will not include a name, only numbers. Enjoy the icons!

Please remember to credit Glistering and/or the maker if you use any of our icons.

Public Appearances: 43 icons

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