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Hello fellow AJ fans! Kudos to our wonderful friend Steph, we’ve now updated our galleries with stunningly HD screencaptures of AJ/JJ from the second episode of the 8th season of “Criminal Minds“. The episode was entitled “The Pact” and originally aired on the 9th of October. Read on for an synopsis of the episode, or head over to our galleries to browse through the caps! Mandy and I are working on captures from the 3rd and 4th episode as we speak, so these (+ the ones from tommorow’s episode) should be up in a day or two as well.

What do you all think of the season so far? We would love to hear your opinions – simply comment to this post with your thoughts! And make sure you stay tuned here at Glistering for more updates later this week…

The team is called to southwest California when two murders occur within three hours of each other in San Diego and Los Angeles. Each victim was chained to the back of a vehicle and dragged. The first was dragged post mortem, while the second was still alive when initially dragged, which shows either two unsubs or a quick escalation in the evolution of the single unsub’s psyche. The victimology is different, the first a middle class wife and mother, the second an ex-con drug addict. These differences are brought together when a third murder occurs. Garcia determines that a common factor is a connection to the violent death of two specific children, and people associated with those children being brought together through an online support group. They quickly identify the two unsubs and their intended fourth target. However, the nature of that fourth intended victim has an impact on how this final encounter will play out.

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